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August 15, 2008 6

upstairs hallway light

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I’m thinking of this light for the upstairs hallway. I need something big and bright because it is dark up there. Plus the ceiling is about 10 feet high so I think I pendant light will look better than a flush light. Does anyone own one of these or have seen it in person? Let […]

August 10, 2008 0

bye bye paneling cont.

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Scary plywood! The glue seems to be peeling off pretty well. I need a new light! This one is not bright enough! Today I tore more of the paneling out of the upstairs hallway. I could only go so far because of the stairwell and not wanting to fall down it. I’ll have to have […]

August 10, 2008 4

bye bye paneling

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So, as the weather continues to thwart my chimney removal and therefore by bedroom remodel as well I decided to branch out into the upstairs hallway. You can see the before pics of the upstairs hallway here . I have been so sick of looking at the paneling, it makes the hallway so dark. I […]

July 17, 2008 4

it has arrived!

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The dumpster came this morning as I was waking up. Unfortunately it is crazy humid here today, so work will wait until after dinner when it is cooler. The first step will be my mom and I moving everything out of my bedroom tonight, followed by carpet removal, then drop ceiling removal, then wallpaper/gunk removal. […]

July 14, 2008 4

upstairs hallway

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This is my upstairs hallway. It is all old linoleum tile floor, wood paneling and a drop ceiling. Underneath the paneling I have discovered the original plaster walls and moldings. I am trying to decide if I am going to include this in the current renovation project or wait until later. The dumpster is ordered […]

July 9, 2008 4


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Here are some updates on the current course of renovations: -Dumpster arriving next week for a price of about $130.00 for a week of usage- I hope everything I’m ripping out fits in!– Did some more exploring in my upstairs hallway and found that underneath all the paneling are original plaster walls and the original […]