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October 25, 2011 2

completion (partial)…

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Several weeks ago I started painting a part of my upstairs hallway that I had left unpainted for the past several years after a remodel. This quickly morphed into an upstairs hallway painting/upstairs bathroom partial remodel project. I’ve never really liked the upstairs bathroom. I painted it after I moved in but never really liked […]

October 3, 2011 6

catch up, catch up, catch up…

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Two years ago I remodeled my upstairs hallway along with my bedroom and the results were much better than I expected. In all of the photos I posted I left something out however- the wall outside my upstairs bathroom. This wall is bumped out from the rest of the hallway due to construction the previous […]

October 17, 2010 6

new hanging artwork…

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I finally got around today to hanging some artwork in my bedroom and upstairs hallway. Only two pieces, to be precise, but it’s a start. I always get anxious when it comes to hanging artwork and my head fills with questions such as “is this the right piece for this location?” or “is this piece […]

August 24, 2010 3

the forgotten wall…

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It’s hard for me to believe that I did my bedroom and upstairs hallway remodel two summers ago! What’s even harder to believe is there is still a section of the hallway that I haven’t painted yet. It consists of a bump-out that was constructed when the upstairs bathroom was put in and some built […]

December 18, 2008 5

the holidays are upon us

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Hello everyone. Sorry for the absence of posts as of late, things have been nutty. Report card time has just passed, I re-injured my back (I had a bad fall two winters ago) and have been laid up a lot of the time. Despite all this I am excited for the holidays! I’m looking forward […]

October 13, 2008 0

progress, progress, progress

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New trim around the doorway to Thurston’s room. Gifted 6 panel door for Thurston’s room. The hole where the chimney was is gone! Skim coating in progress, about 50% done on this wall. Skim coating in progress, 75% done on this wall. Well, it was a very busy 3 day weekend. I feel like I […]

September 23, 2008 11

the upstairs hallway is almost done

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After a lot of work this weekend my upstairs hallway is about 99% finished! I still have to finish painting the bedroom doors and have the new door installed on Thurston’s room, but all the patching, priming and painting is finally done. I’m particularly pleased with my new hallway light, a Fado pendent downlight from […]

September 8, 2008 2

no more wires

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Before: After: Remember how the wires ran out through the walls into my upstairs hallway and back into the rooms? Well no more! Last Saturday my dad and I and a friend of his re-wired the upstairs, running the wires up into the attic and back down through the bedroom walls or ceilings as needed. […]

August 27, 2008 0

off it goes

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This dump trailer holds all the remnants of my upstairs hallway’s former self- ugly paneling, scrap lumber framing, drop ceiling tiles and the drop ceiling frame. I spent an hour and a half yesterday running up and down my stairs as I dragged it all out of my bedroom where I had been putting it […]

August 19, 2008 2

almost done patching

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I have been patching the upstairs hallway walls since Saturday evening and I am almost done. Thank you to Anna for suggesting MH Ready Patch because it is a dream! It goes on great and really fills in all those cracks and nail holes, and with the help of some fiberglass tape works great for […]