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September 13, 2010 4

new master bedroom bookshelf…

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A couple weekends ago I found two great angled bookshelves at a yard sale. Yesterday I painted one of them to put it in my bedroom. I went to Lowes and bought two cans of Krylon White Satin spray paint and a drop-cloth and set up shop in my garage. A couple of coats of […]

September 3, 2010 6

garage sale finds…

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Last weekend was Potsdam’s Garage Sale Weekend! I tried to stay away from a lot of them, as I’m trying not to bring a whole lot of new stuff into the house right now (I need to have my own garage sale), but I couldn’t resist a few things! While I was helping out at […]

July 1, 2008 6

rehab chair and stand

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My mother gave me this chair and stand several years ago. I’m not sure where she got the chair, but the stand was in my parent’s house ever since I can remember. I really want to sand and paint them. I’ve never done anything like this before, so I am excited and nervous.

July 1, 2008 12

free cabinet- ideas?

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I got this cabinet for free last week. A man around the block from me was moving to California and ran out of room in his moving truck so I got this cabinet from him. It is solid wood, I think pine. I can’t figure out the door hinges yet, but I’m sure I will. […]

June 26, 2008 2

rehab inspiration

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(DesignSponge) Keep rehab projects like this one in mind going forward! With yard sale season upon us, be on the lookout for inexpensive pieces of solid wood furnture with good lines (like the long, tapered legs on this little table). For a few bucks, you can probably find some pieces that can be rehabilitated with […]