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September 21, 2010 5


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Words can’t describe how much I love my dog Chloe.  She’s a Rat Terrier and she’s 4 years old.  She sticks to me like glue when I’m home and I can’t tell you how great it is to have her great me at the door everyday when I get home from work- especially on the […]

September 28, 2009 9


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My cat Thurston passed away two months ago this past Saturday it it pretty much put a pretty big damper on my summer. He became pretty ill at the end of June with Chronic-Active Renal Insufficiency. He rallied after a few days but most of my focus was diverted to making sure he felt well […]

July 17, 2008 7

Thurston’s room

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Thurston is my cat, who came to live with me almost 8 years ago. I have no idea how old he is as he was an adult when I adopted him from the Potsdam Humane Socety (of which I am a board member) but I think he is pretty old, as he’s slowing down a […]