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August 15, 2008 2

chimney removal part 2

By in Chimney, Master Bedroom

The base after I broke through to the ceiling joist. Breaking out bricks. I look like a zombie from a coal mine. All that’s left is the metal support braces and wooden base. All that’s left. Day two of the chimney removal left me the base of the chimney in my bedroom to remove. My […]

August 14, 2008 2

chimney removal part 1

By in Chimney, Exterior

Looks like Moustrap! All those bricks are still up there! It’s gone! The remnants. So Tuesday and Wednesday were chimney removal days! Overall it went pretty smoothly with no complications, so I feel pretty lucky. It was a messy, messy job, probably the messiest I have ever done! The first day consisted of my friend […]

August 13, 2008 7

the chimney is down

By in Chimney

It’s down! This is what I looked like today when I was done. It was a day and a half event, with the help of my friend Dave and my Mom. I’ll be posting pics shortly, as soon as my body stops aching!

August 6, 2008 3

rain rain go away

By in Chimney, Life

Well, once again I am delayed because of weather. This has been one of the rainiest summers we have had in a while. The weather has also been unpredictable with the forecasts changing constantly. So, as they are calling for a strong possibility of thunderstorms all afternoon Dave will not be able to start removing […]

August 1, 2008 5

inside the troll hole

By in Attic, Chimney

So I was able to find someone to hold the ladder so I could take a picture of the chimney in my upstairs attic. I have to say it looks even worse than I thought! It’s “S” shaped! Why a chimney would be built “S” shaped I have no idea. But it is in rough […]

July 28, 2008 8

tiny & scary

By in Chimney, Thurston's Room

This is the hatchway to the attic in the front part of the house. It is located above the drop ceiling in Thurston’s room. I have another attic over the back part of the house, but more on that later. This hatchway is only 19″ x 23″! I’m going to have to crawl up there […]

July 25, 2008 8

the elephant, I mean chimney, in the room…

By in Chimney, Master Bedroom

So, one thing you might have noticed if you have gone to my Flickr account is that I have not addressed the horrible situation with my chimney on the blog. How does the old saying go? Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt? Anyway, I just haven’t wanted to think about it because it has […]