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finished stairs and downstairs hallway…

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Several weeks ago I finished painting my stairwell, stairs and downstairs hallway. The whole process took me a week and I photographed it when I was done but before I got around to posting the results I moved onto re-painting my living room. I started the night before Thanksgiving and I’m just about done putting it all back together. I figured I better post the results of the stairs/hallway so I can photograph the living room and show that off too!

My stairwell, and downstairs hallway were all covered with a light paneling. It was well done, quality paneling but it just wasn’t my style. Several years ago when I removed the carpeting from the stairs I discovered they were a stained plywood, not awful looking but certainly nothing stand out. Ever since I finished the upstairs hallway I thought how nice it would look to continue the two shades of Behr paint I used, Swan Wing and Ostrich down the stairwell and throughout the downstairs hallway. The area was often dark and gloomy looking and I knew it would brighten it up a lot. Boy was that an understatement! It is so refreshing and bright now in there. I painted all of the trim around the window and the window casings and sill in Swan Wing as well.

For the stairs I primed them with a Valspar primer and painted them with Swan Wing. I then used the paint I had leftover from my master bedroom floor, a light blue-grey-aqua color and painted a runner down the stairs. I’m very, very pleased with how it came out!

It took a lot of caulking all around the paneling joints and where it met the moldings, as well as caulking every part of the stairs but it was worth it with how unified and clean it all looks. This area of my house looks so much brighter and inviting now. I will post some updated pictures once the art work has been re-hung!

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  1. Anna @ D16 says:

    The hallway is looking amazing, Adam!! Really nice job with the runner…well worth the time and work.

  2. April was in CT now CA says:

    Adam it looks fantastic and I absolutely love the runner. So light, bright and clean, great job!

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