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completion (partial)…

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Several weeks ago I started painting a part of my upstairs hallway that I had left unpainted for the past several years after a remodel. This quickly morphed into an upstairs hallway painting/upstairs bathroom partial remodel project.

I’ve never really liked the upstairs bathroom. I painted it after I moved in but never really liked the color (left over spare bedroom paint) and the ceiling needed to be re-painted as well. The medicine cabinet was old, rusty and discolored. First, I will have you know that I gave up the flower motif over a year ago for white towels and a white bathmat and I gave up the toilet seat cover after being shamed about it my many people 3 years ago! So I decided to paint the ceiling and trim the same as the hallway, Behr eggshell Paint in Ostrich (walls) and satin Swan’s Wing (ceiling/trim). I took down the old medicine cabinet/light combo and with a little re-wiring put up a new Kohler medicine cabinet and vanity light (thank you Lowes!). I have so much more storage in the new cabinet- it makes a huge difference. I also put in a new glass and chrome overhead light. I put up a new toilet paper holder, hand towel bar and double towel bar and a washcloth hook in brushed and polished chrome (thank you Lowes again!). Add some new towels, bathmat and a bamboo tray and Voila! I think it came out very nice and feels so much brighter and cleaner.

I am all done with the hallway except for the cabinet doors and a couple shelves. As this whole project got delayed from throwing my back out while painting the bathroom ceiling (previous injury that acts up) I’m waiting for my back to rest up before I paint the doors and reassemble everything. I must say that hallway is much brighter and everything integrates so much more than before.

This summer I hope to replace the floor, toilet, sink and bathtub/shower surround and take out the shower doors. I’m going to keep my current bathtub. I might also replace the ceiling. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. rose says:

    Adam the bathroom looks sooo much better. i really like the black trim on the mirror. I think you could go more with the black. Black towels and mat????? I like the tile in the room and some more black would bring it out. And what are the ceiling tiles? I’ve seen them in old homes but I don’t know what they are made of and why they were used.
    The hall is so much lighter and brighter and clean looking now. Good job on all of it!

    • Adam says:

      Thank you Rose! The tile in the room looks great in photos, but not so great in person. I’d like to replace it with white subway tile this summer. I may try out a black bath mat and see how I like it.

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