July 20, 2011 2

another year completed, time for some renovations…

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Today is my birthday! 36 years have been successfully completed and now I’m embarking on year 37. So far it’s off to a pretty good start, thanks to wonderful family and friends! It can be easy sometimes to get mired down in day to day gripes and issues and lose sight of the important things, but today I’m making a point to realize just how lucky and fortunate I am with a good job, a great dog, a nice house and a lot of people who love me. You can’t get much better than that!

Speaking of great things, I’m finally getting around to replacing my less than good looking side porch door. It’s not a very good quality door, and over the past several years it has been on a downward spiral. Two winters ago during a very strong storm the wind blew in the plexiglass on the top part of the door, breaking a section of the plexiglass off the top. I was able to get it back in place but there has been a several inch gap that lets in snow, rain and bugs ever since. It also has a tendency to fall out ever time there is a strong wind. The closing mechanism has also been broken for quite a long time which means that every time I open the door in a strong wind it almost gets ripped off the house! At some point someone tried to fix it leading to an unsightly collection of washers for some reason in the corner of the frame where the closing mechanism attaches. Enough is enough! I also plan on replacing the wooden railing outside with a wrought iron railing on the opposite side that will match the railings on my front porch. The new door is going to open in the opposite direction of the current one to allow easier access to the railing inside the porch.

My Dad went with me this morning to Lowe’s where I purchased a new door! It has a much simpler design than my current door, which I like a lot and is a lot more energy efficient. It even has one of those hidden screens so I can get some nice ventilation this summer! It will installed next week by a friend of my Dad’s who does a lot of work for me that I’m either not capable of doing or too afraid to attempt. Installing doors is one of those things.

Here are some pictures of the current porch door in all of it’s tiredness!

2 Responses to “another year completed, time for some renovations…”

  1. rose says:

    Hi Adam,
    I’ve been reading your blog since the bedroom redo. I enjoy it. Could you show us pictures of the front of your house that was fixed up a year(?) ago? And how about some pics of the flower beds you fixed up? I like to see the results after things have settled in. Thanks!

    • Adam says:

      Hi Rose!

      Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you enjoy my blog, I don’t post as much as I should but things have been a little hectic around here. I will gladly post some updated pics of the front porch and patio and my flower beds. It’s rainy here today but hopefully tomorrow or the next day I can do that!

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