November 14, 2010 1

beautiful fall day…

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Today was a gorgeous day and I was able to utilize a couple of hours this afternoon to do some long overdue raking and yard-work. It was high 50’s and slightly cloudy and I raked out all but two of my flower beds and most of my property perimeter in preparation of having my leaves taken away tomorrow (one of my small indulgences).

I haven’t been posting the last several weeks due to a dying laptop and tons of things going on at work. Thankfully Apple fixed my Macbook Pro free of charge and I’m getting back on track! I was also lucky that right before my laptop broke I purchased an iPhone 4! I canceled my land-line and ditched the tracphone and now I’m using just my new iPhone and I love it! It’s come in very handy for a variety of things- I can’t wait to travel with it.

I hope all of you are enjoying your fall season as well!

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  1. April in CT says:

    Ahhh, the joys of Fall…LEAVES! I am pretty sure I spend more time doing yard work in the Fall than any other time of year, but I welcome the cool weather with open arms (covered in a sweater!). Glad you had a productive weekend and congrats on the iPhone!

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