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trip to ikea…decisions, decisions…

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I’m taking a trip to Ottawa, Ontario this coming Saturday with a friend to go to IKEA! It’s about an hour away from me but it’s the closest IKEA there is to my home! I wish there was one closer but I guess a boy will have to dream.
I’m looking for a mirror and a dresser for my bedroom which I remodeled two years ago. I’ve narrowed it down to some choices and I’ll post the links and a little gallery of images. Does anyone know of anything else at IKEA right now that I just can’t live without? I’m sure I’ll find something, I always do. I can’t wait to have some meatballs!
Hemnes Mirror, Ikea PS Stam Mirror, Stave Mirror, Hemnes 6 Drawer Dresser, Hemnes 3 Drawer Dresser.

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  1. April in CT says:

    I have the larger Hemnes dresser you have shown and I LOVE IT. It’s got so much room!! I also got some of the soft sided drawer organizers they have for these and it’s really great for dividing things up inside.

    Have fun on your trip!!

    • Adam says:

      Thanks April! I think I’ll be going with the larger dresser because I really need the storage. I’m going to check out those dividers too!

  2. Ryan says:

    The Hemnes mirror is the same as the big Stave mirror but with a frame. I guess you just have to decide whether you want a traditional frame or a more modern standing mirror. Don’t get the crazy squiggle mirror, it’s not doing anything for anybody.

  3. Anna @ D16 says:

    This is just my opinion, of course, but I think that STAM mirror is horrendous. A notch above that wavy mirror they’ve been making for years, I guess, but still awful.

    I have the STAVE mirror (in oak) in my dressing room, and it’s nice. I think the HEMNES is better for your bedroom, though—it has a lot more substance and depth to it.

    I second April’s comment about the drawer organizers. They are great!!

    • Adam says:

      Thank you as always for your input Anna! I will freely admit that sometimes I’m initially attracted to things simply because of their being so different from other things, but after thinking about it for a while I decide differently. Hence why I ask for opinions now! I wish the 8 drawer Hemnes dresser you told me about two years ago was still in stock! That will teach me to wait too long!

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