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September 29, 2010 6

trip to ikea…decisions, decisions…

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I’m taking a trip to Ottawa, Ontario this coming Saturday with a friend to go to IKEA! It’s about an hour away from me but it’s the closest IKEA there is to my home! I wish there was one closer but I guess a boy will have to dream. I’m looking for a mirror and […]

September 21, 2010 5


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Words can’t describe how much I love my dog Chloe.  She’s a Rat Terrier and she’s 4 years old.  She sticks to me like glue when I’m home and I can’t tell you how great it is to have her great me at the door everyday when I get home from work- especially on the […]

September 13, 2010 4

new master bedroom bookshelf…

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A couple weekends ago I found two great angled bookshelves at a yard sale. Yesterday I painted one of them to put it in my bedroom. I went to Lowes and bought two cans of Krylon White Satin spray paint and a drop-cloth and set up shop in my garage. A couple of coats of […]

September 5, 2010 0

a blast from our groovy past…

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Anyone who knows me knows I love the kitschy and bizarre! I came across this YouTube video of Raquel Welch today doing a very groovy space dance and thought I would share it! Out of this world, isn’t it?

September 3, 2010 6

garage sale finds…

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Last weekend was Potsdam’s Garage Sale Weekend! I tried to stay away from a lot of them, as I’m trying not to bring a whole lot of new stuff into the house right now (I need to have my own garage sale), but I couldn’t resist a few things! While I was helping out at […]