November 5, 2009 0

there is always something to fix part 2…

By in Exterior, Front Porch

The reconstruction of my front steps began yesterday and I’m very excited to be getting this taken care of. The steps have slowly been deteriorating over the past several years, with crumbling mortar and more than a few pieces of sandstone that were deteriorating themselves! My Dad and I did a bunch of patching work 2 years ago, and that fixed the problems for a while, but the past year’s weather has been rough on them and I was afraid they were getting dangerous.

I had someone come and do an estimate, and I was very pleased with the estimate he came up with and the examples I had seen of his stonework. He started yesterday by tearing the steps apart and removing some problem mortar from the first landing. I can’t wait until I get home and see the progress he has made today.

The pictures above are a little dark but that is because I got home from work late.

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