October 4, 2009 2


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I’ve completed my first painting since 1995 and I’m very happy with how it came out. For a long time I wasn’t sure it would end up looking like what I had seen in my head, which is probably why it took me long to finish it (over a year). The idea evolved somewhat over time, but I’m pleased with the path the evolution took. I will be entering this in the Remington Museum’s fall show.

Now on to starting a new one, I have several ideas in mind. My goal is to not wait another 14 years!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    gorgeous painting Adam, makes me wonder if you are incubating something? a new phase of life? Good luck with ending your painterly drought.

  2. Studio Speck says:

    This is a great painting! I have a story I have been working on for almost a year….everytime I take a break and come back to it, it goes through some incredible changes–some I never imagined would happen…it makes it better, don't you agree!

    Keep painting!!!

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