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mirror mirror on the wall…

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Does a decent full length mirror for under $50 exist? If so could someone point it out? My nice new bedroom rug is beginning to look more and more like a dream…

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  1. Anna at D16 says:

    Don’t you have any thrift stores up there??

    Thrifts are great for big mirrors. Even if it’s a 70s-era Sears fug thing, you can always paint the frame. Or what about Home Goods? Don’t they have stuff like that?

    I do love this mirror, but it’s not under $50!

    You’d be hard pressed to find a less expensive floor-length mirror NEW for less than that one, really.

    Maybe you could go cheaper on the rug, since you have some worries about your pets? (We are still rugless, BTW.)

  2. Anna at D16 says:

    Hey, you know what? IKEA has a lot of different styles of flat, woven cotton rugs in different sizes that are REALLY cheap (like, $2-$20), and I think they’re all machine-washable. What do you think about getting several of them and doing something like this?

  3. wndl says:

    here’s an ikea hack using an $8 mirror (skip the lights for your purposes).

    and i agree with anna about their rugs, i just picked one up for my room for $40. now i just need to get an anti-slip mat, since it’s a death trap w/out it! that soft cotton, so nice under your toes, is also super slippery against the wood floors!

  4. Anna at D16 says:

    ohmigosh, yes, you will absolutely need to put anti-slip mats under the rug(s)!!!! Thank you for mentioning that, wndl!!

  5. Adam says:

    Anna- Yes, we have thrift stores up here, but not like anything you have. We have a lot of very expensive antique stores as well. I’m going to take a look around and try to resist the urge to buy some cheap piece of crap from Walmart. I may go the the IKEA route for some rugs, I like the ones you first picked out, although not sure if the multi colored striped one will still work.

    Wndl- Thanks for the tip about the mirror hack and the reminder of anti slip mats, I don’t want to break my neck!

  6. April in CT says:

    Try (I found a cheval mirror for $50,but it may be too fru-fru for you) and sometimes has good deals, but be wary of shipping prices. If you happen to find something online always search for discount codes! I just got a $250 rug that was marked down to $70 for $45 using a code at penney’s online! Not sure if you have one near you, but Hobby Lobby often puts their mirrors on sale for 50% off.

    Like the Ikea hack my first thought was buying an inexpensive mirror and framing it out yourself to suit your tastes.

  7. Lisa says:

    You could get a craptacular mirror from Wal-Mart and some crown molding and particle board. Mount the mirror (sans icky molding) on the particle board and frame it with the molding.

    Just an idea if you need a quick cheap fix.

    Love what you’ve done with the house, it helps me get ideas for a couple of rooms that need re-doing at my home.

  8. Adam says:

    Nutty Knitter- Thanks for the idea, I still haven’t decided what I am going to do. I’m glad you can find some inspiration in what I’m doing to apply to your own home, it makes this whole thing all the more worthwhile!

  9. Hi Home decorators! I am having trouble finding what this thing is called. I have a flat mirror that you would fix to a wall or the back of a door. its a 'full length' mirror I guess. Its about 4'-5' tall. Its missing most of those little tabs that you nail or screw to the wall to keep in it place. It doesn't hang. It just sits in these little holders and I have no idea what they are called. If you happen to know, that would be awesome! Makes finding them so much easier!

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