November 13, 2008 2

my window is no longer naked

By in Master Bedroom

I got my new Waverly Home Damask shears and my Thomas O’Brien Acorn drapery rod up tonight. I was nervous about drilling into my new walls but everything went ok. I think they frame the windows very nicely. Now I need to decide on artwork!

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  1. Anna at D16 says:

    Don’t hate me, okay?

    I don’t like how the curtains look right now. I’m sorry! I don’t think they have enough volume, and they’re hung a little bit too high. Can I suggest that instead of putting the rod through the pocket, that you use clip rings to hang them? That will make them look less “scrunchy”, and it will allow them to graze the floor (you don’t want to see a gap at the bottom). Ideally, they should hang in a straight, vertical column, without being pinched tighter at the top.

    Like I said, don’t hate me!! I am so obsessive about this stuff, and just making that little change to clip rings will make such a huge difference. You won’t even have to drill new holes!

    Your bed looks so pretty, though! The striped pillows are really cute, where did you find them? Have you had any luck finding a bedspread?

    (How does it feel to wake up in there?? Do you feel like you’re in someone else’s house?)

  2. Anna at D16 says:

    Look, Target has matching clip rings!

    I think you need two packs, because 5 on each panel isn’t going to be enough.

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