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November 30, 2008 7

new bed throw

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I found this bed throw at T.J. Maxx for only $10! It really adds a pop of color in the room and is so warm and cozy for taking naps! Chloe and Thurston love it too! (Yes, I know I haven’t hidden my cords yet, I can’t find the cord clips I need anywhere around […]

November 30, 2008 5

it’s curtains for you!

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My curtain rings came and they make such a difference to me! They really do make them look so much better (Thank you for the suggestion Anna!). I finally found a rod for the bedroom closet that I liked. I looked everywhere for a rod that could mount in the opening but I couldn’t find […]

November 17, 2008 9

mirror mirror on the wall…

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Does a decent full length mirror for under $50 exist? If so could someone point it out? My nice new bedroom rug is beginning to look more and more like a dream…

November 16, 2008 4

no go on the dresser

By in Master Bedroom

My friend Edd and I tried, but the dresser could not make it around the 90 degree turn in my stairs. It’s about 2 inches too wide. So, I’ll be contacting someone tomorrow to see if they can take it apart and put it back together upstairs for me. Hopefully this will be an option, […]

November 14, 2008 5

the dresser

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This is the dresser that I keep mentioning that has had to live in my yet unseen by all of you downstairs bedroom because it wouldn’t fit up the stairs. This has made clothing storage very inconvenient for me. I’m going to make an attempt again tomorrow to get it up there since I have […]

November 14, 2008 7

Pulling things together…

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(Click to see it bigger!) I guess this is where I’m supposed to step in and start talking about decor stuff, right?? Adam, I did a little mock-up of some things you can do to make this corner of your room feel more finished. 1. Blue would be a nice color for a brightly-colored throw. […]

November 13, 2008 2

my window is no longer naked

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I got my new Waverly Home Damask shears and my Thomas O’Brien Acorn drapery rod up tonight. I was nervous about drilling into my new walls but everything went ok. I think they frame the windows very nicely. Now I need to decide on artwork!

November 13, 2008 5

a good night’s sleep

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I finally have my bed back together with my new bedding from IKEA and Macy’s and I haven’t slept so well in months! I’m so comfortable and warm at night (so are Chloe and Thurston). The room is really starting to take shape now. I’m also in love with my IKEA Hemnes nightstand and lamp […]

November 10, 2008 15

DONE (well almost)

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So the painting is done! What an ordeal, but yet so satisfying to finally be wrapping this project up! I can’t begin to tell everyone the things that I learned throughout this undertaking, especially the things that I never thought I could do but did! Over the next few days I will be adding more […]

November 5, 2008 6

the finish line is in sight

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I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been under the weather plus caught up in the election frenzy. By the way, I must say how much it rocks that Barack Obama is our President Elect! It really gives me hope for some necessary change in our country. Tonight my mom came over and […]