October 20, 2008 6

weekend round-up

By in Master Bedroom

I built a foundation over the lathe with fiberglass tape to skim joint compound over.

All skimmed over!

My mom doing a great job skim coating!

Accomplished a lot more this weekend. The skim coating in my bedroom is done (except for one spot that will get texturized tonight or tomorrow night)! My mom helped me finish it up, as well as give the floor a good mopping to get most of the grime up. Another mopping or two and the floow will be ready to paint.

To do’s this week:

1. Finish sanding and patching the trim.
2. Fish last bit of texturizing.
4. Prime.
5. Paint.
6. Move back in to my bedroom!!

6 Responses to “weekend round-up”

  1. April in CT says:

    Wow!! Adam that is looking incredible! Thanks for the update. 🙂

  2. Anna at D16 says:

    Holy cow! I didn’t even realize you could do that with fiberglass tape, wow!

    Gosh. These new ceilings are SO MUCH HIGHER than they were before. It must feel so amazing walking into that room!

    (By the way, I finally mailed the shade over the weekend — Lowe’s had the perfect box! You should have it by tomorrow.)

  3. Congrats, this must be so exciting for you! You’re so close, and it is going to look so great!

  4. Adam says:

    April: Thanks!

    Anna: The room seems huge now compared to what it is was before. I can’t wait to get it painted.

    Anne: I feel like the finish line is in sight!

  5. purejuice says:

    the fiberglass armature is truly impressive.

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