October 13, 2008 0

progress, progress, progress

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New trim around the doorway to Thurston’s room.

Gifted 6 panel door for Thurston’s room.

The hole where the chimney was is gone!

Skim coating in progress, about 50% done on this wall.

Skim coating in progress, 75% done on this wall.

Well, it was a very busy 3 day weekend. I feel like I accomplished a lot in my remodeling, as well as taking some well deserved down time. Thanks to my friend Joe gifting me a beautiful 6 panel door from his own home, my Mom putting in a lot of time helping me skim coat and my carpenter Mel’s great skills a lot got done!

I got tired of not having any “finished” pictures to show on here, so I decided to post some “in progress” pictures instead!

I’m pleased with how things are turning out overall, this has been one hell of a learning experience and a true test of patience.

Those of you who know me well know that I am a bit of a “neat freak” (to put it lightly) and one of the things that has been hardest to deal with throughout this project is the constant mess. I am very good about picking up after myself each time I finish working but dust and little bits of this and that have still managed to make their way throughout my house. I think one of the things I will be most thankful for when I am done is that there will be no more mess!

For more home remodeling inspiration check out my friend Anna’s amazing pantry renovation! If my bedroom comes out looking half as good I’ll be thrilled!

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