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October 29, 2008 5

old man winter you sneaky jerk!

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This was the view outside my front door this morning! I know winter is on it’s way, but I wasn’t prepared for it to show up last night. The top broke out of my Japanese Lilac tree, hopefully it will look alright when the snow melts and it bounces back. I also got a snow […]

October 28, 2008 2

sneak peek

By in Master Bedroom

Here is a little glimpse at how the priming is going in my bedroom. Let me just say that textured walls now go to the top of my list of things I really dislike painting.

October 26, 2008 0

tight squeeze

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It is a pretty tight squeeze in the upstairs part of my house right now. I have finished almost all of the caulking in my bedroom and will be priming when I get home from work tomorrow. The closer I get to the end of all this, the worse the anticipation of being done is! […]

October 21, 2008 3

happy birthday Anna

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Happy Birthday to one of my best friends! She is one of the most caring, helpful and stylish people I know, and I’m so lucky to have her in my life! My home is also very lucky that you are in my life!

October 20, 2008 3

thanks Anna

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My new bedroom ceiling shade arrived today and it looks beautiful! It is even prettier than I imagined, it is going to look so good hanging in my bedroom, especially with the sheer damask curtains I’m getting! Thank you so much Anna!

October 20, 2008 6

weekend round-up

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I built a foundation over the lathe with fiberglass tape to skim joint compound over. All skimmed over! My mom doing a great job skim coating! Accomplished a lot more this weekend. The skim coating in my bedroom is done (except for one spot that will get texturized tonight or tomorrow night)! My mom helped […]

October 13, 2008 0

progress, progress, progress

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New trim around the doorway to Thurston’s room. Gifted 6 panel door for Thurston’s room. The hole where the chimney was is gone! Skim coating in progress, about 50% done on this wall. Skim coating in progress, 75% done on this wall. Well, it was a very busy 3 day weekend. I feel like I […]

October 8, 2008 1

gearing up for the weekend

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Some things have been accomplished over the past week: the new door in Thurston’s room has been hung but the trim is not done yet (hence no pic) the sloped bedroom ceiling has been patched and the patches need to be sanded the wall beneath the sloped ceiling has been skim coated and texturized So […]