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curtain confusion

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Anno Ljuv

Anno Vacker

Flyn Ofelia

Anno Inez

Unni Blad

I liked the look of these curtains here that Anna mentioned in an earlier post, but she saw them in person and I don’t think she thought as much of them after that. So I have been looking online at IKEA as I will be making a trip to Ottawa in Canada this weekend to pick up my upstairs hallway light and various things for my bedroom. These are some that grabbed my attention. What do you think?

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  1. April in CT says:

    I’m a sucker for red so I can’t really give a good opinion. Then again if you could see my lack of decorating skills you’d know to avoid any suggestions I make!

    So the first choice I like and I also the Anno Inez for the simplicity. The Unni Blad…all I can think is that it looks like the troll from the troll hole got splattered onto some cloth. LOL I really like those in the Target link. I’m seeing so much of that type pattern these days.

  2. Anna at D16 says:

    Adam, just so you’re clear, the “Anno” line is NOT comprised of standard, hanging curtains. They’re 24″ wide panels that are meant to be hung on a ceiling-mounted sliding track system. You can see what I mean here:

    My best suggestion at this point is to try to pick out everything at once (or at least start with something like a duvet cover). If you pick the curtains first, you’re going to be going backwards and trying to figure out what looks good with the curtains, and you’ll make yourself insane.

    Have you thought about what you want to do for bedding? Try putting together a little collage of all the elements you’re trying to make work together (the blue floors, the black lamp, the damask ceiling light, your bed…), and take it from there.

    By the way, I STILL have not mailed the lampshade. I’m so sorry! It’s all wrapped up in bubble wrap, but I haven’t been able to find a box the right size. I’m going to bring it to work tomorrow and see if I can find something there. Did you get the cord set yet?

  3. April in CT says:

    Just a suggestion… Might he be able to use clip rings with the Anno curtains?

  4. Anna at D16 says:


    I was just reading the reviews of the Target curtains on the site, and I’m starting to wonder if the sample I saw at the store wasn’t indicative of the actual curtain. The thing I saw certainly wasn’t lined, but the reviews say that it is. So maybe they’re fine??? I would tend to trust the reviews, since those people have the actual curtains. If you really like them, go for it!

    When you’re buying curtains, though, make sure that they are long enough that you’ll be able to hang them with the bottom edge all the way to the floor. You don’t want stumpy curtains, that is the worst thing ever! You always hem them, but you can’t make them longer…

  5. Anna at D16 says:

    April, you could use clip rings, but the Anno panels are quite stiff. The don’t pleat like fabric curtains. I wouldn’t recommend using them as anything other than a flat panel.

    Hey Adam, did you see these?!
    I think they’re even nicer than the others, so much lighter and fresher!

  6. April in CT says:

    Ok Anna… You know I think I should make a trip to Ikea to investigate so when Adam posts things I’ll know. *insert innocent look*

    Good luck with whatever you choose! :o)

  7. Adam says:

    April: I love your description of the Unii Blad curtains! I am a sucker for blue and green though!

    Anna: Thanks for setting me straight on the “Anno” line, it’s too bad, they have some really nice designs. I love the sheer dmask curtains, and the others, so I will do some double checking on measuring tonight and then make a decision. So far I have acquired a beautiful white down blanket for my bed, a non ruffled white bedskirt with a nice eyelet design on the bottom and new pillows and several sets of white or white with a light pattern sheets. The bedside lamp is black, the overhead light will be the black and white damask and probably the curtains. The floor so far is the only set color in the room! I think I will be going for the bedspread from IKEA that you showed me, as I don’t think I need a comforter or duvet with the down blanket. Don’t worry about the bedroom lamp, I haven’t gotten the cord set yet, I will be ordering that this weekend. Work has been so crazy! Let me know wyhen a good time to call you is, we need to catch up!

  8. Adam says:

    Also, I never realized that curtains were supposed to go to the floor. I always thought they were supposed to stop at the window trim. I like the idea of them going to the floor though, it makes more sense.

  9. Anna at D16 says:

    In general, you want the curtains to hang to the floor if you’re mounting them outside (or on) the casing. If you have a curtain (or shade) inside of the casing (like a cafe curtain), you can end it at the sill.

    What time do you get home today? I should be at my desk and not too insanely busy by 3pm or so. Trying to leave by 5! 🙂

  10. Adam says:

    Anna: Thanks for the link about the curtains! I should be home around 3:30 today so I will try giving you a call before I go to the gym.

  11. You’re not coming up here to kick my ass are you?


  12. Adam says:

    Ottawa-Emptor: The only ass kicking I will be doing is if I can’t find what I need at IKEA!

  13. Adam: What do you mean, you don’t have Anno Inez?

    Ikea: We can’t find it. We don’t like American’s anyway. thbbpt! We offer bad service in both official languages.

    Adam: *roundhouse kick*

    Ikea: *surrenders the window panels*

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