September 8, 2008 4

restored bedroom door hardware

By in Master Bedroom

I stripped all the paint off of my bedroom door hardware using Anna’s crock pot method and it worked really well! It looks so much better, especially those beautiful white knobs. The only issue seems to be some rust that appeared after. It looks like some of the hardware had an original black coating on it, so I’m not sure if I should spray paint it black or just find something that will take the rust off. Thoughts?

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  1. Beth says:

    I want to hear about this crockpot method (please). I must do this soon in my house. Keep up the good work on your house and on posting to this blog. I am a faithful reader and you inspire me! Thanks.

  2. El Jinx says:

    How about trying a product for blacking iron stoves and the like? They are easy to apply, protect against rust, give a really lovely finish that will probably look better than black paint. I used one recently for the rusty, damaged iron on my window and it’s worked really well. Just a thought. Good luck!

  3. Anna at D16 says:

    Adam, I use Rust-Oleum Rust Reformer spray on cast iron parts. One coat is enough. The finish is really nice.

    For those wondering about the Crock Pot method of paint removal, This Old House has a step-by-step article!

  4. Adam says:

    Thanks Anna! I will give the Rust-Oleum a try.

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