August 27, 2008 0

off it goes

By in Upstairs Hallway

This dump trailer holds all the remnants of my upstairs hallway’s former self- ugly paneling, scrap lumber framing, drop ceiling tiles and the drop ceiling frame. I spent an hour and a half yesterday running up and down my stairs as I dragged it all out of my bedroom where I had been putting it as I ripped it down. Most of the pieces of paneling were too big to fit down the stairs (I don’t know how they ever got them up there) so I had to bend them and snap them in half or in quarters. There was also about 6 five gallon buckets worth of bricks still in my bedroom from the great chimney dismantling of 2008. All together I think I made over thirty trips up and down the stairs. My legs are pretty stiff today (as well as my back, arms and shoulders) but it feels great to be rid of all that ugliness!

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