August 27, 2008 2

freshly trimmed shrubs

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My shrub maintenance man came yesterday to trim my shrubs! I love how they look when they are freshly trimmed. I used to hire out all my mowing and lawn work, especially last summer after I fell and tore a disc in my back (I was out of commission for a long time and I still have to be careful about what I do) but this past year I decided I wanted to do it myself. Since then I’ve discovered how much I enjoy maintaining my lawn and gardens and how satisfying it feels to know I can do it myself. Except for the shrubs. I’m still too cautious to take that on myself as they are at the front of the house and if I make a big mistake it will be there for everyone to see for a long time. So once a year this man comes and trims them up and does a wonderful job!

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  1. Benita says:

    Looks great, but it’s not rocket science, I bet you could do it! Just watch him do it next year and in 2010 you can do your own 🙂

  2. Adam says:

    I may do that Benita, although it is one of the small luxuries I still allow myself.

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