August 25, 2008 3

re-thinking old plans

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So, I’m thinking of going back to my original idea of just working with the walls I have in my bedroom rather than putting up new sheet rock. It’s taking so long to figure out when I’m going to be able to do the drywalling that I feel like in all the time I’ve been waiting I probably could have been done with the skim coating by now. I’ve gotten pretty good at it with all the work I’ve been doing on my upstairs hallway (which is almost done thankfully!). The walls have a few scary parts, but I think I can patch them up enough to where it shouldn’t be a problem, plus I don’t imagine I’ll be banging on them or bouncing off them. They’ve lasted 196 years so I figure they must have some life left in them. I know they won’t be perfect looking but nothing in an old house ever is. I think with a couple weeks of after school and weekend work I could finally close the lid on this bedroom project. But maybe I’m totally off base here. Thoughts?

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  1. kristy says:

    One of my favourite things about my old house was the slightly rough walls. The house was just over 100 years old and the walls told that story, even if the furnishings, appliances etc didn’t. I love that kind of hand made feeling and knowing the walls have been like that forever.

    If I was you, I would do as little as possible. You won’t ever be able to get that 196 year old feel back.

    Just my thoughts…

  2. Anna at D16 says:

    If you think you can fix the old walls, fix them. Kristy is right, some of the greatest things about an old house are the walls and the moldings! Imperfect plaster walls are a great counterpoint to more modern furnishings and appliances/hardware, too. You can get away with imperfections in an old house, but not in a new one — embrace that fact! 🙂

    That said, don’t let it upset you if you DO have to patch an area with drywall. We just had to that in our bathroom (where the old medicine cabinet was recessed into the wall). After patching that area, we taped it up with fiberglass tape and skimcoated over the whole thing. You can’t even tell it’s patched. I definitely AM glad, though, that we didn’t rip down all of the plaster and replace it with drywall. The look just isn’t the same.

  3. Adam says:

    Kristy: I’m in total agreement with you!

    Anna: I’m going to give it a try! Expect some ranting and raving on here as it goes along, but I definitely can’t make it look any worse than it already does! I know I will have to use some drywall where the chimney was because there is nothing but lathe there. I have a dump trailer here from a friend and I need to fill it with the paneling and scrap lumber from the hallway but my back and shoulders are so sore I just don’t want to! So I’m going to watch Tyra then get to work!

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