August 10, 2008 0

bye bye paneling cont.

By in Upstairs Hallway
Scary plywood!

The glue seems to be peeling off pretty well.

I need a new light! This one is not bright enough!

Today I tore more of the paneling out of the upstairs hallway. I could only go so far because of the stairwell and not wanting to fall down it. I’ll have to have someone help me rig something up to do that area. I will need to replace the header above Thurston’s door as the original is gone. The door also needs to be replaced with a 4 or 6 panel door and hung to swing into the room. I pulled the ugly veneer off of the attic door to reveal a cute 4 panel door. There is a big piece of plywall to the left of Thurston’s door that I hope is covering wall! Lastly I need a new light fixture, preferably a hanging one for the hallway. I’d like to put another of the same fixture farther down the hall.

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