August 6, 2008 3

rain rain go away

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Well, once again I am delayed because of weather. This has been one of the rainiest summers we have had in a while. The weather has also been unpredictable with the forecasts changing constantly. So, as they are calling for a strong possibility of thunderstorms all afternoon Dave will not be able to start removing the chimney today. His next available day is Friday, which also calls for storms all day. I’m hoping with all of my might that the weather changes for Friday! I’m afraid I’m not going to complete this project before school starts!

3 Responses to “rain rain go away”

  1. April in CT says:

    I’ll try doing a reverse rain dance on your behalf and see if it works. At the least the neighbors will be yet again confirmed that I’m weird.

    I can’t imagine how anxious you must be to get that thing OUTTA there so I hope the weather co-operates soon!

  2. Adam says:

    It looks like it might cooperate by Wednesday April!

  3. April in CT says:

    Seems like the dance I did brought the rain to us so maybe it’s headed out of your area and into ours! *crosses fingers*

    I don’t mind one bit though because I love a good storm.

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