August 4, 2008 5

updates on the rest of the house

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I just added more photos to my Flickr account as well as created more sets for other rooms in my house. Rather than post pictures there and then reposting them all here I am going to provide you with links to the sets. Please feel free to comment in Flickr or comment about things here!

Here is the basement .

Here is the dining room & sitting/breakfast room .

Here is the living room .

Finally for now here is first floor hallway .

Hope you like them, leave me comments!

5 Responses to “updates on the rest of the house”

  1. I’m glad to see the whole house doesn’t look like those scary bedrooms! You’ve done nice work in that living/dining area, it will be great once you finish the rest of those floors, the ones you’ve done are gorgeous.

    I feel like you’ve got a lot of yellow going on down there with the wood and the walls – I would lighten up and do maybe a cream on the walls and bring in some different colors with some patterned curtains or a rug. Not necessarily an oriental rug, but I’d keep them in mind looking at colors, you can still have rich and warm with reds and blues and greens instead of so much yellow and orange. That said, this is a really nice cozy space! I love all the happy houseplants too!

  2. Janet says:

    Your outdoor space is amazing! The garden looks great and your yard is so big – that kind of thing is so prized over here. All the work you’re doing inside is making such a difference too. I really like your sitting area because the windows come down so low you have a great view outside. No houses in Australia have basements like that either so that was the most interesting part for me!

  3. Adam says:

    I agree, I think I have too much yellow. I’m currently thinking of possible new wall colors. Rugs don;t really work for me because if the dog and cat, but we’ll see.

    Thank you! I have spent a lot of time working on my landscaping this year and it has come out really well. I have even more planned for the fall and next spring, so stay tuned! Where in Australia are you?

  4. Anonymous says:

    making great strides! I also love to see the happy houseplants–they add so much life to a house. Unforch for me i have a back thumb but yours look great! –lesley

  5. Janet says:

    I’m going to try commenting again…third time lucky. I live on Bribie Island on the east coast, an hour from the capital city. It’s not very big but it’s very, very beautiful! We’re slowly (really slowly) renovating too so I get really happy for you when you can see progress – it’s a lot of hard work. That’s not Bribie in the photo, there are no hills here so I couldn’t get that high.

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