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upstairs bathroom

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This is my upstairs bathroom. It is small and very old. A few years ago I ripped all the wallpaper out and hired someone to come in and skim coat and paint it. I still don’t like it. The only thing I might keep is the tub, and that is because I don’t think I could get it out or get another one up the stairs.

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  1. So, am I correct that the tub is cast-iron but the surround is plastic? Or is that just how it looks in the picture? I’d say new tile would brighten everything up like mad, but I don’t know your budget or skill level. Can you get rid of the shower door and hang a good-looking curtain instead? I always think that looks better unless you’ve got a really nice shower door.

    And that floor, I’m not sure how it would work with your current wall color but I think b&w; checkered linoleum would look good with the tub. And it might be ok with the wall tile (it’s green, right?), it’s hard to tell the color from the photos.

  2. Vicki says:

    If this were my bathroom, I would keep the tile (I’m partial to mint green) and the medicine cabinet. Then, like Anne said, remove the shower doors and get a curtain, replace the floors and lighting, and finally, hang some wallpaper (unless the room gets too humid). Oh, yeah, and get rid of the fuzzy toilet seat cover! 😉

  3. lsaspacey says:

    Yes, I agree with Vicki on keeping the green and I also second getting get rid of the toilet cover. Those things always freak me out.

  4. Anna at D16 says:

    I definitely agree with all of the other comments!

    Get rid of the fuzzy seat cover immediately! Take down the sliding door and put up a curtain/rod instead (I would mount the rod all the way up where the wall meets the ceiling, and have the curtain extend all the way to the floor). If you’re feeling really handy, a new sink faucet would spruce things up!

    I think you also need some good, hidden storage in there, as well as some real towel bars. Not having towels/products all over the place will definitely make the room look less tiny/cluttered.

    I’d skip wallpaper (even though it might look nice) since you don’t have a window in there.

    The green tile is really cute, all you need is a new floor. You could definitely do it yourself. Since the room is so small, I would go with a smaller-scale tile (less than 4″) — large tiles in small rooms can look weird.

    You know, it’s possible that there are floor tiles from the era of those wall tiles (sometime in the early-mid 20th c.) under the vinyl…

  5. jana says:

    From all your rooms, so far I like this bathroom the most. The green tiles are nice, and I also like the sink – it appears simple and modern to me, even if it´s old. It would be great to have a long shelf above the sink (glass maybe). Actually, I like the sliding door, maybe more than some curtain…
    I would get some nicer bath rug – maybe red, depends if you want to have light and calm space or more excentric one.

  6. Adam says:

    It is a vinyl surround and it was not put in well at all, great gobs of caulk, uneven lines. If i was sure that there was more green tile underneath it I would rip it out, but it is my only bathroom right now (I have long term guests staying in the other downstairs bedroom/bath). I’m going to replace the tile with white subway tile as son as I can afford it.

    Toilet seat cover is gone. The medicine cabinet is in rough shape so it is gone as soon as I can find one I like.

    The only towels in there I use are the ones hanging on the shower. The rest are for show. Another bad habit.

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