July 9, 2008 4


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Here are some updates on the current course of renovations:

-Dumpster arriving next week for a price of about $130.00 for a week of usage- I hope everything I’m ripping out fits in!
– Did some more exploring in my upstairs hallway and found that underneath all the paneling are original plaster walls and the original door frames and moldings, plus more wiring that runs through walls instead of ceilings. Now I have decide when I’m going to continue out into the hallway and down the stairs. Pictures to come shortly.
– Still trying to decide on bed linens. I really have warmed up to the idea of white. I just think of all the calm and brightness it would bring to the room. I’m just trying to decide what I want for a punch of color. Decisions decisions!

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  1. Anna at D16 says:

    Wow, that’s so exciting about the original moldings hiding under the paneling! I can’t wait to see pictures.

    I love white linens and walls in the bedroom. It’s just so soothing. A great side benefit is that you can change your shams or a throw at any time, and it’s like a whole new room! I like having several options to choose from at different times of the year. I have several sets of plain white sheets, so if one set is in the wash I don’t need to leave the bed bare until they’re done.

    By the way, I looked at those damask curtains from Target in person over the weekend, and I wasn’t impressed with the quality. I think you can probably find something better somewhere else, just make sure that they’re long enough to reach all the way to the floor. That acorn curtain rod is really nice, though, but it’s LOT more substantial than I imagined it would be. It would look great with heavier fabrics, but not so much with sheers.

    ($130/week for a dumpster sounds very reasonable! Does your town require a permit?)

  2. Adam says:

    Well, I will keep looking for curtains, feel free to throw any more suggestions my way! I really like the look of that acorn curtain rod, and I will be going to Target soon (closet one is 1.5 hours away). And no, I don’t need a permit for the dumpster.

  3. Patti says:

    Hi Adam – I introduced myself a few days ago on the June 27th posting (shag carpet linoleum), but you might not have seen it. Do you have to drive to Watertown for the Target? My mom lives just outside of Watertown now, and I grew up in Clayton.

    Good luck with your house! I loved living in Potsdam when I was in college.


  4. Adam says:

    Yes I do drive to Watertown to go to Target. I wish there was one in Potsdam. I like your blog, that is a beautiful house you are building!

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