July 2, 2008 3

bedroom floor

By in Master Bedroom

So, I decided to do more exploring into the bedroom floor area. Underneath the carpet is:
50 year old carpet padding followed by:
a layer of MORE shag carpet printed-linoleum followed by:
a layer of what seems to be TAR PAPER (ew gross) followed by:

I can’t wait to tear it all up, I think it is supposed to rain tomorrow so who knows?

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  1. Anna at D16 says:

    This is so exciting!

    If there is tar paper residue on the floors (sometimes the oil from the linoleum makes it stick), DO NOT SAND IT OFF. It might contain asbestos. You can remove it using a wet method — try wringing out rags dipped in hot water and spreading them out over the floor. That will loosen the residue, and you can scrape it off (gently!) with a metal plaster knife.

    It might just come off with a sponge mop and hot water, though, who knows!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hooray for you, Adam!

    I’ve been visiting since Door 16 pointed you out, and I’m totally rooting for you!

    — Janine

  3. minxlj says:

    Shag carpet printed linoleum?? Wow. Who was the ridiculous soul who first thought of THAT? I thought the wood-printed linoleum in my kitchen was bad (I hate it so much, and it hasn’t even been laid properly so the floors are uneven – grrr) and I can’t wait to rip that lot out. Lino = evil.

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