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rehab chair and stand

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My mother gave me this chair and stand several years ago. I’m not sure where she got the chair, but the stand was in my parent’s house ever since I can remember. I really want to sand and paint them. I’ve never done anything like this before, so I am excited and nervous.

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  1. Anna at D16 says:

    Adam! These are SO CUTE!!!

    Oh wow, there is so much potential here.

    Have you considered painting them both glossy, bright yellow? I love the way they look together, and painting them the same, cheery color would really make them look like a team.

    They look so pretty by that window, too! Is that beadboard on the walls?

  2. Anna at D16 says:

    p.s. In case you were curious, that chair is a reproduction of one of these

  3. Adam says:

    Thanks for the link on the chair. I wish it were beadboard on the walls! It’s wood paneling like so many other places in the house.

    I was thinking of painting them a glossy bright color, I was thinking green but yellow mike look really nice too. Do you think they should be one color or two colors one being an accent color?

  4. Anna at D16 says:

    If you’re going to have them near the window, I wouldn’t use green. There’s so much greenery outside your house that I think it would be nicer to have some contrast. I actually think a glossy black could be nice, too. Black looks great with plants.

    The most important thing is to think about where you’re going to be using these pieces before you do anything. 🙂

    I’d keep them solid colors to avoid getting cartoony. Unless you’re using really soft, muted colors, it can be very hard to pull off two-toned paint jobs. Even then, I’d stick with solids on pieces with this much detail.

    Look! Thonet chair inspiration!

  5. Anna at D16 says:

    Oh, and if you paint all that paneling solid white (same color as the trim), it’ll look just like plank walls.

  6. I would love to see them both bright sky blue! And don’t be nervous, I am doing the exact same thing to a chair I found in my attic (don’t ask) and it is fun!

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