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kitchen inspiration

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(Day-Lab DIY)
I know we are soooo not even close to getting to the kitchen, but I want to post this picture now for future reference. Take a look at Amy Shutt’s before-and-after photos from her low-budget kitchen renovation. Again, it is totally amazing what paint can do. Her tutorial and advice are worth taking a look at before painting any piece of wood furniture. 
I had gross yellow-oak cabinets in my old kitchen in Brooklyn, and after two years of hating them, I finally painted them white (without asking the landlord, of course, I never worried about that kind of thing!). It was a lot of work, but it made an enormous difference.
(Aren’t those curtains totally sweet, too? I love this kind of kitchen in an old house. It has a vintage look without being kitschy or “retro”.)

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  1. Adam says:

    I’m going to start posting some other pics of the house this week, something like this might actually work in my kitchen.

  2. jana says:

    I like the way she put the fabric on the window on the right. Unfortunatelly I can´t do that at home, as we have flowers everywhere – in front of all windows. That would be too dark for them.
    The room feels nice, howewer I would probably choose only one colour for the cabinets, not two…

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